Case study

How Foxylead can help your SaaS earn more:

What companies we can help:

  • Software companies with beta plans, monthly or yearly fees
  • Middle to high lifetime customer value
  • Middle to high customer acquisition cost
  • Especially B2B

How we can help your sales department:

Reduce churn by 1-20%
Indicate individual users for migration
 to higher plan
Alert you in live time when user may
want to unsubscribe
Help you prepare plans according to 
features used by users

How we can help your marketing team:

  • Users activity dashboard for converted users
  • Detailed information about separated users
  • How your content marketing is working for your business

How we can help your development team:

  • Create list of most active users for beta test
  • Monitor new feature usage
  • Monitor how actively each feature is used

Case study:

Raffine Logo

growth of active 
CMS users


growth in actions
performed by users


decrease of support

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